Düsseldorf-Altstadt      Kurze Strasse 16-18

“My goodness, Mr. Sjöberg, the Schaukelstühlchen (rocking chair) has become
such a fantastic Pub! It is an absolutely „hip“ place to be – as the young people say. It`s just a normal day, but you can`t find a seat! It´s not the interior of the place. It´s the music, the people, the atmosphere!

The rocking chair hangs on the ceiling, as the crowd takes up all the floor space.. No, there is no dancing at the Schaukelstühlchen. But if you are lucky to get  space on the bench, you will realize that you can even “schunkeln” (that means to link arms and sway from side to side like during carnival) to beat-music! Happy, young Rhineland. You feel the spirit… “

That was written in ´68 Altstadt-guide “in-out”. And furthermore: “you can drink beer, “Altbier” naturally, and, of course, the people hardly drink anything else. If you order an apple juice or a bean soup, the whole flow of the Schaukelstühlchen becomes confused …”

There is no bean soup anymore and Mr. Sjöberg has left, and it seems nothing else has changed much.

Since the late fifties, the “Schaukelstühlchen” is the place to meet and is a home for free-spirited) people. “Altbier” is flowing straight from the barrel today as it did in the old days, and the music is loud, heavy, heartfelt.

Generations have been partying, flirting, and drinking here – but also working! More than one waitress can tell stories about her father being a barman here. And this is the main thing about the place: It´s always up to date but doesn`t really change.

And – imperceptibly – it becomes an institution!

For more than twenty years I have grown with this “old-town-classic” and I´m always happy to see people enjoying the atmosphere like I do. Just because of you – our customers – the “Schaukelstühlchen” stays alive. Keep on going, and together we`ll make it another 50 years!

Yours sincerely