Düsseldorf-Altstadt      Kurze Strasse 16-18

Hans-Peter Schwemin
Kurze Strasse 16-18
40213 Düsseldorf

With the judgement from 12 September 1999 - 312 O 85/99 ­'Haftung for Links' the regional court Hamburg decided that one has to if necessary also answer for contents of the left side by the yield of a on the left of. This can be prevented - so the LG - only by the fact that one dissociates oneself expressly from these contents


Hereby I dissociate expressly from all contents of verlinkter sides or diagrams and make myself these under no circumstances too own. For mistake regarding the contents as well as for example texts we take no guarantee with respect to relevance, correctness and totality.All offences against valid right, custom or moral, which to me admits become, to have immediate deletion from left, entries, diagrams or the like to the consequence.